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    Atlantis: the best of Vinny Story

    Jr are you looking for the pony rides there' excuse me that you left dun dun dun dynamite ah what else did I' get there Oh headless nitroglycerin powder wears wigs glue large paper clips you know only state office supplies not only drank what you drank, that's not good, that's not too much glycerin, don't move and don't breathe, don't do anything except pray, we must have taken 100, that's thousands of years to carve this Hey, look, I made a bridge he just took me like 10 seconds letting the taps look like we have a little obstacle Danny, what do you think I couldn't block that you've had about 200 of these damn easy ones? I only got about 10 more, you know.

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    the title it'self and a couple of cherry bombs flash on the road hey, what a shame to have some nitroglycerin, hey, my lord, as far as I am concerned, I just like to explore, come on, man, tell the child.  the truth that my family owned the flower shop, we were selling carnations of roses Baby breath, whatever, one day I' will do AB. You 3,000 corsages for this, it' is a crime, you know,
    The one that they put on the wrists and everyone who comes to where it is, when it matches my dress, is a nightmare anyway, I' guess there was a leak next to a gas or what boom no more Chinese laundry blew me away Through the front window, it was like a sign from a god. I' found the boom of.

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    the photon bag. Are you saying that all' this volcano can explode at any moment that would take a large explosive force? I' bet you do this Elena huh with many things that we're not proud of stealing graves and looting the graves from.

     the double parking lot, but nobody was hurt, maybe someone was hurt, but nobody we met can't let him do this, wait for a second, well, goal kick, hey Milo, you have something sporty, you know, like a tuna volcano. Eggs Hey, I had nothing to do with it. Can it be a good place not to be? Landy's will honor your name forever. I just wish there was more we could do for you. thanks anyway but I think we are fine that they will take you to the surface we will really miss you, my love, you know that I will reopen the flower shop and I will think about you every day from Monday to Friday from 9:00 at 5:00 on Saturdays for 2:00 on Sunday.

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    I' will probably take Sunday off and maybe I'll go for a couple of hours, but in August I'm going to take August, you didn't find anything, just a rockfish, little fish.

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