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    Funny Moments Job Interview

    I' see notice the hands motivational was every fucking bastard that I' had to climb over to get this job Jesus pal they're paper mache dude you thought they were really sit down let's get started so I' hope you don't mind I hope you don't mind.  the recording uh we're gonna use it as training later what.

    the fuck is wrong with you it's chaired all right what was on time clock so let's get started shall' we sir good well um so I'm here for the job sir right you're uh a factory worker I' was it was a factory worker but.

     Interview Handshake

    the factory got closed down so I got laid off and I've interviewed 15 other people for this job what makes you think you're better than them well I don't know if I am better than their who got damn it, pal, if you want this job you better reach out and grab it you better put those fucking heads on.  the wall you know what fuck let's go to the questions what is your greatest strength um I'm a really good team player wrong what is your biggest weakness um I'd say it worked too hard wrong how would you move a mountain using only a spoon if you were in a box how would you think outside it oh if you're wrong last question what is.  the difference between a duck and put the hell's wrong with you people attack what duck I don't yeah I' came here for a job as far as.

    I know that job has nothing to do with the cocksucking motherfucking duck congratulations pal you're a leading candidate how does it feel feels good no know how to has a feel how does feel I' mean how does it feel to put fucking 15 heads on that wall I'll tear feels it feels fucking great doesn't it fucking great mmm mmm so I got it I got a job oh hell no no no this was just like a getting-to-know-you interview oh yeah no no we have we have uh we have a couple of more Oh 120 you know we have some more candidates to talk to but hell of a start though absolutely last thing before you go I'd like you to sing the company fight song it's not some faggots accompany pipeline company and it'll cheerfully work your death by the time you are old patient is soul and your queue will be your casket it's a company high-flying company now please get back to work we'll get batching 

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