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    New Year's Eve BRITISH TRADITIONS | How Britain celebrates the new year story

    We are reaching the end of the year and that means that we will celebrate the beginning of a new year very soon. I' thought this was a perfect opportunity to explain exactly how.  the British like to celebrate the beginning of the new year. Now, if you don't have so much confidence to listen to English without subtitles, then I' have provided you with subtitles

    New Year's Celebrates Story

    They have a huge database of native teachers from all over the world, who teach all' kinds of languages, so whatever you want to learn, I'm sure you'll find it in italki. Now, what I' like most about I' talki is that their lessons are not only convenient because they are online, but they are also affordable. They are much cheaper than offline tutors at approximately 30% of the cost and what makes it even better is that if you click on the link in the description box below, you will get a $ 10 credit when you make your first purchase, which means that once you make a purchase, you will receive a free lesson. Oh well, I can hear the ticking of the clock. It's time to talk about New Year's Eve. Now in the United Kingdom, we celebrate the end of the year on December 31, when midnight arrives, we say goodbye to the previous year and greet the new year. Then our parties will take place on the night of December 31st.

    As with any celebration, you will be in a party atmosphere and, hopefully, surrounded by people you care about, but there are three, possibly four, characteristics of a New Year's Eve party that make it unique for any other celebration. The first is the countdown. Then, when we arrive at midnight, we like to shout out loud the last 10 seconds of the previous year: ten nine eight seven six five four three two one happy new year! At that time, the tradition is that you give a New Year's kiss and wish a Happy New Year too.  the people you care about, and of course, if you are in a room full of friends or family, that means you have a lot of hugs and kisses to do. Hopefully, you don't have cold sores. Then, once all the kiss is over, it's time to sing a little and we like to sing.  the song 'Auld lang syne'. Now I say that singing to most people in the UK do not really know the words, so they tend to sing a couple of lines that they do know and then mutter the rest. But we enjoy doing it anyway and while we sing we all hold hands but we cross our arms and do this with our hands. I really don't know why, there is a history of the origin of this tradition, but I haven't discovered it yet

    And if you are one of those people who doesn't know the letters but wants to learn the letters like me, I just made a video for you that is linked in the description box below so you can see it in just a moment. Also at midnight, if it is a large organized event, you can almost guarantee that there will be fireworks and I know that in London there is a large fireworks display with many people lined up along the banks of the River Thames to see the incredible Fireworks that occur. London's skyline is also televised, so if you don't feel like arriving in London, fighting with busy crowds, you can watch it on your TV. Now I grew up in the north of England and I know that in the north of England and in Scotland we have a tradition called first foot, and this is basically someone who brings the new year, so you have to choose someone in your home to bring the year New

    They must leave the house before midnight and then they must be the first person to go through the door once midnight has arrived. Now tradition says that you should be careful who you choose to bring in the new year. I think if they are tall and dark-haired, that is more fortunate than someone who is blond-haired, so this tall, dark person will come out the door and wait until the new year is announced and then they will come in and wish everyone a Happy New Year, and usually, they should bring gifts. Each of these gifts will represent a good fortune for next year, so they will bring a coin and that coin will represent financial prosperity in the new year. They could bring something to eat.

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