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    Tips for a fun New Year's Eve 2020 | CH Shorts

    (Cheerful music) - Oh, hello. It is new year's eve. Now, you're probably thinking, "Get out, fool." Obviously, you have been invited to many things.   "Well, guess what? You can have fun both on New Year's Eve and on the outings. So, here are my tips for staying at home on New Year's Eve and avoiding everything-- (phone ringing) Oh, my, oh, thank God Oh, Jesus Christ, thank you Oh, yes, here are my tips for going out on New Year's Eve Council number one, if you've been invited to a New Year's Eve party on Facebook, you'll want to see that guest list, now you want friends in common, but also some people that you don't know, if it's completely full of friends, there's no place for random connections,

    2020 new years 

     I have to get to that sweet 60/40 division, take out that dress that you haven't used in years, but you know that what makes you look damn is Council number three, ask if you've ever dressed well in that damn dress and then borrow it from a friend many, many years ago and you'll never turn your back. Woo! Bring a bag with everything you need ar This brings me to my favorite advice, advice number four. M, S, G, P, K, G, W, S, B, L, S, F. M makeup, shoes, a granola bar for when you're hungry, phone, keys, gum, wallet, book, roller fluff, sunscreen and fan. M, S, G, P, K, G, W, S, B, L, S, F. Easy. (door knock) (the key falls) Tip number five, always, always, always use a shared travel application to reach your destination. Do not drink and drive. You know it's bad. (scratching the disk) Boy, that's an increase. 

    New years Tips
     Tip number six, you can walk to your destination. It's just ... (dramatic violins on the rise) Five miles. (Cheerful music) - My God, you made it. - Hey hey! - Hi, I did it - We're just leaving. - No, I just arrived. - We really don't feel the atmosphere. - Yes, I'm so sorry. - But I just paid the $ 30 coverage. - Well, see you later. Well, see you then. - Then? (the doorbell rings) (the phone rings) Well, 11:55. It's a good time to find someone for that midnight kiss. (buzzing) (kisses) Sometimes, it can be difficult to play in the field, but there is usually a child who looks, who needs men when there are women? Maybe. Midnight. Tip number 93 or something like that, it's a good time to go to the bathroom. - [DJ] Alright, party people you are so-- - The line is very short. - [DJ] Grab that special person. - And the mirrors-- - [DJ] You don't want to be that lonely weirdo-- - You can think about that-- - [DJ] Because you couldn't have come alone. - - All the bad belongings you did last year. - [DJ] Seven, six-- - Great, it's all 

     I want to do it in the New Year. It's okay. - [Crowd] Three, two, one, happy new year! - Happy new year, bitches! (Wrinkled wrap) I must forget an old acquaintance forgotten and never be taken to - Hi, I'm Rekha from CollegeHumor

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