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    A Spirited Aunt

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    A Spirited Aunt

    My Aunt Kay spent away this week after a lung disease. I'd known her since I was eight. She was my progression father's sister, his last living kin. She used to take me to chapel with her and have me go through the night at her home regularly when I was between ages 12 to14. She was an incredible cook, pastry specialist, interesting, vivacious, and an otherworldly lady with a brilliant heart, a breathtaking redhead who I might want to recall the manner in which she was before she became so ill. I hadn't seen her in years since she lived in Georgia and I couldn't get back there.

    She used to invest such a great amount of energy with me on the telephone imploring with me when I was a child. She had delightful eyes and a face that simply lit up with her grin.

    A few hours before I got the call she was biting the dust, a cardinal was hanging out in this tree outside my window by my PC.

    I was really discouraged when I got the call yet I realize my pity is incompletely in light of the fact that I'll simply miss her to such an extent. She was in torment for such a long time and now she is free.

    Preparing up a tempest, I'm certain!

    Not long after I got off the telephone with my mother who disclosed to me Aunt Kay was dying, the cardinal took off.

    A Spirited Aunt

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