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    A Town Mouse and A Country Mouse

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    A Town Mouse and A Country Mouse

    A Town Mouse and a Country Mouse were companions. The Country Mouse one day welcomed his companion to come and see him at his home in the fields. The Town Mouse came and they plunked down to a supper of barleycorns and roots the last of which had an unmistakably gritty flavor.

    The flavor was very little to the flavor of the visitor and directly he broke out with "My poor dear companion, you live here no superior to the ants. Presently, you should simply perceive how I charge! My larder is a customary horn of bounty. You should come and remain with me and I guarantee you will live on the best stuff available."

    So when he came back to town he took the Country Mouse with him and demonstrated him into a larder containing flour and cereal and figs and nectar and dates.

    The Country Mouse had never observed anything like it and plunked down to appreciate the extravagances his companion gave. Be that as it may before they had all around started, the entryway of the larder opened and somebody came in. The two Mice hurried off and concealed themselves in a thin and exceedingly awkward opening. Directly, when all hushed up, they wandered out once more. However, another person came in, and off they left once more. This was a lot for the guest. "Farewell," said he, "I'm off. You live in the lap of extravagance, I can see, however, you are encompassed by perils though at home I can make the most of my basic supper of roots and corn in harmony.

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