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    Christmas Cookies

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    Christmas Cookies

    My Mom originated from a group of 14 youngsters. Christmastime wasn't generally the best. Be that as it may, there was a man, who made a special effort, to make the day unique.

    Throughout the years my Mom discussed how this man would turn out on Christmas and carry sweet to her and her siblings and sisters. Mother always remembered his thoughtfulness. I accept due to the benevolence that appeared to her at Christmastime Mom made it a point to do extraordinary things for the less blessed.

    Mother was an extraordinary dough puncher and she baked treats, yet she needed an assortment to part with. There was a woman around who made and sold treats. Mother would put in a request and when the treats were prepared we would go over and get them. I well recollect the magnificent smell of treats when she opened the entryway. After we had the treats I'd assist Mom with splitting them on plates and we would convey them.

    One summer we returned to Mom's old neighborhood. As I recollect that, she got a few blossoms and treat. We at that point rolled over to the place of the individual who had given her sweet on Christmas such a large number of years prior. Mother thumped on a huge wooden entryway. An old, fragile man replied. Mother presented herself and expressed gratitude toward him for the consideration he had given her family such a significant number of years prior. At that point, she gave him the blossoms and treat as she gave him an embrace.

    I'm grateful I had a Mom who instructed me to give. I may have been a single youngster, however, I was continually giving toys, and so forth away to kids who had short of what I did. She showed me, It is more honored to offer than to get. Acts 20:35.

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