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    Elephant and Friends

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    Elephant and Friends

    One day an elephant meandered into timberland looking for companions.

    He saw a monkey on a tree.

    "Will you be my companion?" asked the elephant.

    Answered the monkey, "You are too enormous. You can not swing from trees like me."

    Next, the elephant met a bunny. He requested that he be his companions.

    Be that as it may, the bunny stated, "You are too large to play in my tunnel!"

    At that point, the elephant met a frog.

    "Will you be my companion? He inquired.

    "How might I?" asked the frog.

    "You are too enormous to jump about like me."

    The elephant was disturbed. He met a fox straightaway.

    "Will you be my companion?" he asked the fox.

    The fox stated, "Sorry, sir, you are too large."

    The following day, the elephant saw every one of the creatures in the backwoods running for their lives.

    The elephant asked them what the issue was.

    The bear answered, "There is a level in the woodland. He's attempting to eat every one of us up!"

    The creatures all fled to cover up.

    The elephant thought about what he could do to illuminate everybody in the backwoods.

    In the interim, the tiger kept gobbling up whoever he could discover.

    The elephant approached the tiger and stated, "If it's not too much trouble Mr. Tiger, don't gobble up these poor creatures."

    "Stay out of other people's affairs!" snarled the tiger.

    The elephant has a no-decision yet to give the tiger a powerful kick.

    The alarmed tiger ran for his life.

    The elephant strolled over into the woods to report the uplifting news to everybody.

    Every one of the creatures expressed gratitude toward the elephant.

    They stated, "You are the perfect size to be our companion."

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