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    Four Friends

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    Four Friends

    Sometime in the distant past in a little town lived four Brahmins named Satyanand, Vidhyanand, Dharmanand, and Sivanand. They had grown up together to turn out to be acceptable companions. Satyanand, Vidhyanand, and Dharmanand were entirely educated. In any case, Sivanand invested a large portion of his energy eating and dozing. He was viewed as absurd by everybody.

    When starvation struck the town. Every one of the harvests fizzled. Waterways and lakes began to evaporate. The individuals of the towns began moving to different towns to spare their lives.

    "We likewise need to move to somewhere else soon or else we will likewise pass on like numerous others," said Satyanand. They all concurred with him.

    "In any case, shouldn't something be said about Sivanand?" Asked Satyanand.

    "Do we need him with us? He has no abilities or learning. We can't take him with us," answered Dharmanand. "He will be a weight on us."

    "How might we desert him? He grew up with us," said Vidhyanand. "We will share whatever we acquire similarly among the four of us."

    They all consented to take Sivanand alongside them.

    They stuffed every single important thing and set out for a close-by town. In transit, they needed to cross timberland.

    As they were strolling through the woods, they went over the bones of a creature. They got inquisitive and halted to investigate the bones.

    "Those are the bones of a lion," said Vidhyanand.

    The others concurred.

    "This is an extraordinary chance to test our learning," said Satyanand.

    "I can assemble the bones." So saying, he united the issues that remain to be worked out the skeleton of a lion.

    "Dharmanand stated, "I can put muscles and tissue on it." Soon a dead lion lay before them.

    "I can revive that body," said Vidhyanand.

    Be that as it may, before he could proceed, Sivanand bounced up to stop him. "No. Don't! On the off chance that you put life into that lion, it will execute every one of us," he cried.

    "Goodness you weakling! You can't prevent me from testing my abilities and learning," yelled an irate Vidhyanand. "You are here with us simply because I mentioned the others to let you tag along."

    "At that point please let me climb that tree first,' said a scared Sivanand running towards the closest tree. Similarly, as Sivanand pulled himself on to the tallest part of the tree Vidhyanand carried life into the lion. Getting up with a stunning thunder, the lion assaulted and slaughtered the three educated Brahmins.

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