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    Green Missile

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    Green Missile 

    Let us appreciate perusing this Norse Mythological Story of Green Missile. 

    Balder was the divine force of light in Norse folklore. He was the child of the main god, Odin, and the goddess Frigg. 

    Balder was adored by all with the exception of the mischievous Loki, who, envious of his fame, plotted his demise. 

    Balder's mom had made all things—living and non-living—make a solemn vow that they could never hurt her child. So there was no weapon that could hurt him. 

    All things considered, Loki cast about for an approach to annihilate Balder. One day he discovered that there was one plant, the mistletoe that had not sworn the vow to Frigg. 

    He got a slim part of the tree, honed one of its closures, and rushed to the incredible corridor where the divine beings were devouring. They were engaging themselves by great naturedly tossing rocks and lances at Balder, realizing very well indeed that nothing could hurt him. 

    Loki took up to the visually impaired god Hoder who likewise happened to be Balder's sibling and asked him for what valid reason he was not throwing things at Balder like the others. 

    "I can't see," said the god. 

    "Toss this," said Loki, pushing the weapon he had made, into his hands. "I'll direct you." 

    Hoder flung the honed branch. 

    It penetrated Balder, and he tumbled down dead. 

    Loki didn't go unpunished. The divine beings anchored him to rocks in a profound natural hollow. There, he anticipates his discharge. For as per Norse folklore he will, in the end, break free and deliver his retribution on the gods who had endeavored to tie him forever.

    Green Missile

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