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    LAND OF THE MEMES !! Funny reaction from Gacha's life story

    he just explodes my boyfriend just memes are why I'm alive save yes the effects are legit everyone combines your powers Wow most epic gotcha battle ever oh my god oh the effects gotcha memes bar back you guys loved the land of memes the gotcha story so I' decided to look around and see if there was a part two there is it's a whole new mini-movie called article 13 versus land of memes made by the very same gotcha, Wow studios so thank you so much for making another one of these.

    Girl and boy is a love

    I" really liked the first one and it looks like most of you guys did too so we are going to continue and apparently via the description, I' am in this one oh my god oh my dream this is so let's just jump right into the memes alright well first up right off the bat this guy looks like an ultra super villain Dragon Ball Z character article 13 idiot by the way all joking aside article 13 is pretty scary so read about it if you know nothing about it but article 13 makes the perfect villain for memes actually look these memes are absolutely disgusting how can people love something so so disgraceful these memes are ruining kids brains I must put an end to these horrifying memes and.

    I' know just the person to bring me to them hahaha oh my god it's Angela from the first one and who the heck is that why is that petting her they're both cats but cats like to pet one another apparently hers okay so they're cats oh my god what what is this explosion its article 13 hello Angela what do you want idiot I'm here for one simple reason I' want you to take me to meme land give me one good reason why I' should because if you don't look at her face did he just explode my boyfriend in front of me my boyfriend is now a pile of ash oh he's still alive how how is he still alive he got exploded I' will hurt your husband severely oh god she's buried he's cat married oh she made you stay away from him ah make one wrong move and it's over here dear husband Oh No Zach fine just put him down oh it's coffee Zach are you okay did he hurt you I'm fine my kitty ahem I don't have all day oh shut up we've got a magical stamp although we're bringing him to meme land no I hate you Oh Angela you just ruined memes for everybody Zach's life was just a small price to pay for the old the beeps Angela he's going to kill all of the memes

    I know we have to do something about it but but how we couldn't defeat him last time wait last time when was there a last time don't worry I' have a plan your plan you'll see why oh my god I'm so cute I didn't know Mike was in here Bijou Mike gotcha Mike whatever you want to call him oh my god I'm so cute I cannot do a Mike voice where am I I just wanted to take up that sounds nothing like him whatever where am i I just wanted to take a poop Oh throwing up rainbows I'm sorry about that any way i teleported you here for an important reason well I'm waiting you know you guys reacted to my land of memes video oh my god wait Mike also reacted to the land of memes video what oh I'm looking so cute and gotcha makes looking shifty AF oh yes those memes were hilarious yeah and I totally didn't react to it because Lauren did Wow did he say that in the video or they just try to cause trouble with Mike to be honest okay I'm not trying to start a neat drama but I; had this idea long ago I just didn't do it yet Wow drag him I'm just kidding we're friends maybe no we really are it's really hard especially if you there's such similar creators on the platform there's been so many times that like somebody put out a video or a friend of mine or even a you tuber i watch and I was like I had that on my schedule to film but now it's gonna look like I'm copying them so I understand but first Mike I do things quicker anyway article 13 is going to destroy.

    all those memes oh nice we need your help to defeat article 13 what's it for all um but Oh transformation I' look cool Mike Mike spitting Mike looking interesting and dabbing okay Zach Zach doesn't get it cool Oh God Zach look cool Zach's very cat-like has belly shirt okay Angela this is a meme so um why did we have to transform to look cool but what about our weapons boom there now we all have weapons I have some sort of arrow but I' get stars all around me does my arrow shoots stars Mike's got a plunger Angela's got a sword and Zach oh god Zach is loaded why did I get a plunger oh I just needed my toilet unclogged this is just ridiculous Angela oh that's eliminate article 13 and there they go poor mike has to stay and unclog the toilets they forgot me look he's sorry about that and there oh she's a just do a name it's a shame article 13 wants to destroy something so beautiful it's yeah I know okay we've assembled our crew oh hey are you guys ready to stop article 13 yeah let's go squad goals all we left him my throat hurts meanwhile oh my gosh the h3 meme I say it all the time it's time to stop it's time to stop you whoa look at those effects oh no oh no the h3 meme no it's gone forever first meme down now to finish the rest guys I heard him after him I don't think I' ever agreed to do this shut up Mike be a team player or another beam it's a meme and a meme would mean is this look out I' think moto moto likes you like me I like him choking and I can be.

    I like a bookie I like him round I like object no not the moto beam no I was the best meme disgraceful no moto but he liked me I heard him flapjacks he got away again run faster my god go, team, go oh it's another meme it's an eat girl isn't it oh my god it's the tick tock girl song what's the heck absolutely disgusting get out of my sights not be a girl, not the girl no oh man all my favorite memes they're all going away we got you now article barnacles we obviously cannot catch him on foot we need a plan does anyone have any ideas well well everyone knows everything is faster when you fly up wings it waits I got I'll give you all wings Angela why didn't you fly with your wings ahem these wings are for decoration well that's kind of stupid okay no wings for you now Oh next but God we get wings who's that gets no wings why do I have baby wings at least you've got wings to let's fly Zach you suck ha" ha I'm a banana meme no not that.

    I'm a banana meme all over north 9000 meme aah get him epic fight scene Oh her face is teal team attack oh my god world different colors everyone combine your powers Wow most epic gotcha paddle ever oh my god oh the effects all the effects and the noises oh god the effects of the night we did it no it's time to restore the memes let me just get his wand ya we say I got it we saved the memes let's fix this little dude here you go banana man banana man you're back to normal yeah I'm a banana let's restore the next meme I'm a banana eat my banana ooh the effects the e girl is back welcome back tick Tokay girl I don't know if anybody really missed you but you're back oh there's the music yes moto moto bring it back yes the effects are legit legit we like them big we let them talk you know oh they kissing I'm out too that were flying away sex walking away cuz he's a loser oh it's tough it's time to stop me yes come back h3 beam there is beautiful last meme superstar everybody oh it's the just do it me nobody ever listens to me yes Shia is back for this double chin do it it's good to have the memes back yeah it's a good thing article 13 didn't get the chance to destroy all the memes I don't think he could destroy all the memes if you look on YouTube there's like new memes posted every day that's very true I lost my book I just realized in.

    the back her out Shia LaBeouf's just like I lost my voice now I'm useless alright back to the main storyline memes are why I'm alive save since we saved all the memes why don't we celebrate what a great idea and I' know the perfect place to go oh my god we got ice cream together oh hey because you make how is your Popsicle what did you just call me what is your problem bees you Mike I'm not bees you Mike I've got you Mike so why do you look and sound exactly like him then I'm his twin brother why are you eating a Popsicle just like I have I like Popsicles - better yours is the color of boogers or barf Jose my ice cream he ate my ice cream nobody eats my ice cream I'm taking his ice cream oh.

    I put in his face get him there now you're beat you, Mike, I'm leaving I'm going to go played Okie dokie thank you all so much for watching well I'm going back to this happy ice-cream scene where it looks like me and Mike are actually friends alright guys well that's gonna be it for part 2 of land of memes luckily at least in the Gotcha world we save memes from article 13 in the real world it's not really actually no know what's gonna happen yet so like I said make sure to look it up and know about it because you should be aware of it as always guys if you made it this far in the video then make sure to leave a like before you go subscribe if you're new to the channel I put out new videos all every single day and as always I will see you guys soon [Music].

    LAND OF THE MEMES !! Funny reaction from Gacha's life story

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