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    Summer Madness

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    Summer Madness

    One morning when the sage Jamadagni ventured out of his ashram he found that the sun was uncommonly blistering. Before long the perspiration started to pour down his body and his throat got dry. He thought that it was difficult to focus on his work.

    "Leave," he yelled at the sun, gazing up indignantly at the sparkling circle. "You'll consume the earth!"

    Be that as it may, the sun stayed where he was and for sure appeared to turn out to be significantly greater. Infuriated, the sage hurried into his ashram and turning out with his weapons started to shoot bolts into the sky.

    The bolts missed the mark regarding their imprint.

    The sage yelled to his better half Renuka to bring some more bolts. At the point when she had brought them, he started shooting once more. With each shot, the bolts ascended ever more elevated till at long last even the sun started to feel defenseless. He made himself still more smoking, trusting the warmth would drive Jamadagni over into his home. Jamadagni held fast yet his significant other started to wither. At last, she tumbled down oblivious.

    Jamadagni conveyed his better half inside, restored her with water and afterward surging out again continued his fight with the sun, with a reestablished anger.

    Presently the sun chose to go down to prevail upon him. He appeared as a Brahmin and walked up to the sage.

    "Taking shots at the sky?" he inquired.

    "I'm taking shots at the sun!" snarled Jamadagni.

    "Excessively far away for your bolts, wouldn't you say?"

    "At this moment, might be. Be that as it may, in the late morning, he'll be legitimately overhead and afterward he'll be inside a range. I'll get him at that point!"

    The sun shivered.

    "It would be ideal if you put down your bow," he stated, "I am the sun. Warmth the earth I should, however, I'll give you something that will shield you from my warmth."

    Jamadagni chilled off — and stayed cool the remainder of the mid-year since what the sun gave him was a couple of shoes and an extremely huge umbrella, which, they state, was the world's first compact sunshade.

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