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    Here are some childhood memories that you probably thought you forgot number one making holes in your rubber with a pencil. 

    Childhood memories funny moments  

    Yes, number two drools in the sun, unlike the corner of the page. Someone bit this thing. 

    Oh God, before these pens, did anyone try to push them down all the colors at any time and, last but not least, you're a savage if you ever made fun of one of these who loves orange soda what the Orange soda loves it is true, mom said that life is like a box of chocolates, which is the best leg west that is the best you cut, the best wet, that's what I write, have you ever seen the movie The Goonies? The Goonies make the truffle mix. 

    I'll buy you some fun places in Australia [Music]  first hairy beavers head reef dirty cock Creek when Carew Creek [Music] Australia I love you all frozen oh, this is a bank, yes, we know this is an invasion of the house, my God, there are no aliens, we are just fast children, people will drink the whole sprite, oh, I have no idea what is happening now, you will never take us alive, we will not take you anywhere, oh Baby, did you hear that they'll kill us here in the house, sir? Can you calm down, please? I beg you to kill them and forgive me like what the hell I will do anything, I swear, look, I didn't even join you, I just punished your wife in the face, let's storm the neighbor's house, but stop, you could find us as a Prank for your birthday, she has done more and one of these things is real, well, it is probably the best, honey, can you do something in your favor? Can you go to the kitchen and put out the fire? You started [Music] insults at dawn Steven no, I'm looking for a greeting Jared Nicola Angela I'm looking for Luke.

    Hello, Stephanie [Music] Daniel Anthony Joshua Creek Why is there an English character in an American show? They all sound the same for the love of God Jeffrey the lava trees there is no Downton Abbey and we don't look like that, in fact, in the UK we have a wide range of cents let me show you some listen to your cup get away further only in the apple and pear sweater, take us a Kebab League oh, I don't know if I'm from the valleys, let this moose say goodbye to Doreen Emery Laverne, it will explode when we get where I'm nervous, sir, calm down, calm down, put his CDs on par with our son, angry about that and I regret that we all agree that the worst dives are very, very, very boring, okay, okay, you are going to do [Music] [Applause], what are you going to do [Music], how was it? I really like shoes, but these look much safer, definitely, everyone, can I? Yamaha's new album is pronounced Neve how you got your knee out of that saliva, it doesn't matter Sarah, you're right, well, you know that my cat peed in my girlfriend's jacket and wait a minute, they told me you had homework, Jew. you did it? I don't have a house, so I can't work there, a colleague told me I was going to lose my hands, so I haven't been using them recently

    I was going to do it, but I just installed a new dishwasher. At the end of this rule, there is an easier one, which ends the first day in the bell and I am getting comfortable in the week. one in the hood and I'm getting used to my surroundings, I'm sorry, blessed man, one month in the hood and I'm on this team Vlad, if you're fucking happy, any son of a bitch knows what every damn hand breaks, every damn happiness bends every son of a bitch here, yes, and very damn happy, any son of a bitch, not wood, really son of a bitch, I'm a son of a bitch, when you're my lover, I can be happy with our son of a bitch.

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