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    The Crane and The Snake

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    In a woods near the waterway bank minor carried on a crane with his better half. They were troubled. Each time the spouse laid eggs in their home, a major dark cobra who lived in an empty in the tree, would gobble them up. The crane had a companion the crab. He went to his companion the crab and shared his wretchedness. "I feel so miserable… .That sneaking hoodlum has eaten our eggs once more," grumbled the crane irately.

    "Try not to stress," said the crab refreshingly. "You need not be miserable when you have a companion like me. We will think of an answer."

    The crab sat to think about an arrangement. Abruptly he bounced up and raced to the crane.

    "Companion, I have a superb arrangement," said the crab and murmured something into the crane's vehicle.

    The crane flew back to his home and enlightened his significant other all regarding the crab's arrangement. He was energized.

    "Are you certain this will work?" asked the spouse.

    "I trust we are not committing an error. Reconsider before proceeding with the arrangement."

    Be that as it may, the crane was anxious to evaluate the arrangement. The crane flew down to the stream bank and started to angle. He got a few little fishes and went down to the gap where a mongoose lived. He dropped a fish at the mouth of the opening. At that point he took another fish and dropped it somewhat further away from the first. Rehashing this, he made a path of fishes prompting the tree where his home was.

    The mongoose smelt the fish and left the opening. "Ok, a fish!" shouted the mongoose cheerfully and immediately gobbled it up. He at that point followed the path of fishes. As he approached the tree where the cranes and the snake lived, the path finished. Finding no more fishes, he glanced around.

    Unexpectedly he ran over the dark cobra at the foot of the tree. Seeing the mongoose, the cobra battled for his life. Both battled for quite a while and at last the mongoose executed the snake. The cranes who were watching the battle from their home murmured with alleviation.

    The following day the mongoose started to follow a similar path wanting to discover more nourishment. At the point when he went to the tree where the path finished, he chose to climb the tree looking for nourishment.

    The cranes who were away at the waterway bank came back to discover the mongoose moving down the tree. On glancing in their home, they found that this time, the mongoose had gobbled up the entirety of their eggs.

    "Too bad! We disposed of one foe just to discover another," said the crane to his significant other.

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