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    The Crow and The Necklace

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    The Crow and The Necklace
    When a crow and his significant other assembled their home on an immense banyan tree close to a stream. They were upbeat there. In any case, when the female crow laid her eggs, they were in for an upsetting stun. An immense snake who lived in a gap at the base of the tree came up and ate all their lovely eggs.

    The crows were defenseless with outrage and torment. "You can't let this insidious snake eat our youngsters any longer," cried the female crow sharply. "You need to figure out how to spare them from him,' she said.

    "Release us to our companion the jackal. He is extremely shrewd. He will without a doubt have the option to assist us with an answer," said the male crow.

    The two of them traveled to the collapse of the timberland where their companion the jackal lived.

    The jackal saw them coming. "Hi, my companions. For what reason do you look so pitiful and stressed? Would I be able to help you in any way?" he inquired.

    "Each time my better half lays eggs in our home, a mischievous snake living at the foot of the tree gobbles them up," clarified the crow.

    "We need to dispose of him and spare our kids. If it's not too much trouble mention to us what we can do."

    The jackal thought for quite a while. "I recognize what you ought to do," said the jackal and he advised the arrangement to the crows.

    It was a propensity for the sovereign to accompany her house cleaners for a shower to the stream. At the point when they did as such, they took off the entirety of their garments and gems and put them on the stream bank. On the next day, the sovereign and her housekeepers as common entered the waterway.

    "You realize what to do right?" asked the crow to his better half. "Indeed," she replied.

    Them two flew over the heap of garments and gems. The female crow quickly got valuable pearl jewelry in her mouth. Simultaneously the male crow started to caw uproariously to pick up the consideration of the sovereign and her housekeepers.

    "Goodness, those crows have taken my pearl accessory." cried the sovereign. "Gatekeepers!" she cried. "Recover that jewelry from those annoying crows." Her watchmen pursued the crows yelling uproariously.

    The crows flew directly to the banyan tree with the watchmen not far behind. Hearing all the commotion, the snake left his gap at the foot of the tree. Quickly, the female crow dropped the jewelry right where the snake was.

    "Watch out! There is a colossal snake close to the accessory," alarmed one watchman.

    Before the snake could understand what was going on, the watchmen assaulted him with sharp lances and murdered him. The gatekeepers at that point got the jewelry and returned it to their sovereign.

    The crows expressed gratitude toward their companion the jackal for helping them dispose of their adversary. They lived joyfully with their youngsters.

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