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    Unsolved Mystery

    My father had 3 strokes when I was 3. My mother returned to work, however, they were experiencing difficulty making a decent living.

    It was Christmas, and my mother made me a doll, my sibling was getting a book from a carport deal, and for supper, mother overdid it for Kraft mac&cheese.

    On Christmas eve there was a telephone call disclosing to us somebody was seen "hiding" around our yard, and it ought to be examined. On the patio, we found a bushel with ham, green beans, corn, potatoes, yams, pumpkin pie, and crusty fruit-filled treat for supper. There were eggs, rolls, milk, and bacon for breakfast as well! In a little red pack, there were presents for my sibling, mother, father, and myself. Paving the way to the patio there were boot prints, and "sleigh" stamps in the day off.

    This was 37 years prior, and I recall this as my best Christmas since we saw that Santa came to see us. We had the physical proof from the boots, sleigh, and were informed that Santa probably won't have our new location. Right up 'til the present time my mother still has no clue how Santa Clause discovered us that year. Regardless she doesn't have a clue who was the strict holy person who gave us endowments, yet in addition, kept alive the enchantment of the period for her youngsters.

    So to our uncommon Santa (whoever you were) bless your heart!!!

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