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    Walking Through Life

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    Walking Through Life

    It was a day in late December. The Christmas tree had been brought down. The lights and beautifications had been taken care of and put in the storage room until one year from now. What's more, I was feeling somewhat blue. I sure wasn't anticipating the long, cool, dull Winter to come. I had consistently been a light darling within. I attempted to breathe easy in light of realizing that a couple of more minutes of sunshine was being included every day, except despite everything I felt tired and run down.

    I was both astounded and charmed than when I peered out my window and saw that a Spring-like a day had abruptly shown up. The temperatures immediately took off into the sixties and the sun was sparkling down on the earth with a caring light. I could hear the local youngsters outside playing in the warm air. I grinned when I saw them and my internal identity yearned to be out there riding bicycles and messing around also.

    I restricted my pooches for their evening walk wanting to appreciate a portion of the daylight myself. As I was going to take off the entryway, in any case, I chose to accomplish something somewhat extraordinary. I came down and pulled my shoes and socks off. I wasn't shoeless outside since the Summer. I gradually ventured out on the cool, moist grass. It felt so alive under my feet. I snickered as I strolled along. I remembered something I once read as well: "Stroll as though you were kissing the earth with your feet." And with each progression, I did as such. My walk felt hallowed and blessed. I felt a unity with the world and the adoration for Heaven surrounding me. With adoration in my heart, I expressed gratitude toward God for the endowment of this day and never again feared the Winter to come.

    We all are strolling through this life. Be that as it may, it is up to every one of us how we do as such. Is it accurate to say that you are going to lurch and step and whine with each progression you take? Or then again would you say you are going to kiss the earth with your feet and Heaven with your heart? The decision is yours.

    walking through life

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