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    we are worthy

    We Are Worthy 

    I wouldn't state I'm especially rich by social order gauges, yet on the facade of riches estimated by understanding and significant exercises, I would view myself as well off. On another hand, I would prefer to state "appreciative".

    I have totally lost enthusiasm for investigating for what I can see, and I have found undeniably more excellence lying underneath the outside of the individuals surrounding me. Going as I am, remaining in each spot for a normal of a half year has empowered me to not just observe the excellence of the spot lying superficially, yet additionally, the wonders and wealth implanted in the way of life worked by the individuals abiding in them. The call to travel is unquestionably one that has tended to my heart unignorably. Be that as it may, not only for the sights and the hints of what is remote, yet for the hearts of the individuals there and their accounts. I would state that these jewels some call simply stories are what I find MOST important. My delicate heart jumps from my chest with each story of each genuine individual I have had such an astounding chance to meet; One broken and left out to dry by the man she gave her most flawless love to, another wildly energetic and inspiringly relentless in his interest for what drives him, one more flooding with astuteness picked up by encounters huge numbers of us couldn't expose the idea of experiencing ourselves.

    However, these accounts are obscure and left covered up underneath the absence of a tolerating world. Regularly welcomed by dismissal and disvalue, avoided by society and left to be disregarded for their absence of adjustment to what the majority would call freely adequate. Presently revealed by a willing heart anxious to discover them, I call them wonderful.

    Notwithstanding! I don't disvalue those that join the positions of the disliking masses! Rather, I likewise discover you lovely. Among you are probably the most wonderful spirits one can discover. I discover these accounts hapless among the irate, the cheerful, the critical, the acknowledged, the wrecked, the glad, the adored and the despised. With each pulsating heart and the legend left by those that beat on within every one of us, there lies a delight that can't be added in words, however by the lowered eye, viewed.

    See this magnificence for yourself, and I promise you, you will think that its hard to keep down the entryways that seal your meddlesome tears. We ARE the excellence of this world. Together, separated, joined together, isolated, in enormity and wonder, in brokenness and disgraced… YOU… is the excellence of this world.

    YOU are the extremely valuable jewels that make our reality commendable.

    YOU, the total of all that is acceptable and all that is terrible inside you that makes you what your identity is… YOU are WORTHY.


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