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    The Russion Story Funny English class.

    The Russian Story Funny English class.

     Funny English class.

    1) sorry now pay attention tonight we are going to play a small pontoon game:  there is another card game at the most I know that a good postman game we are not paying for that kind of games either Giovanni no, this is a verbal exercise that helps you improve your English and test your imagination, hell. Len Jig does not have the opportunity. What we are going to do is try to tell a continuous story and that is, for example,

    2) we could start with once a man named Earth Earth and he was a bus driver and then:  the next person would add something more about Arthur and the things that did, and so on, will soon pick it up once we start, we will start with you one I don't know this man  Arthur is fictional, hey but you say he is a bus driver snake he thinks I invented it imaginary, ah oh yes I want you to invent a story using your imagination I understand Hey, once there was a man called nickel ass, so once there was a woman called nickel since Nicholas pronounced well, there was once a man named Nico, the last one was a mailman, oh no, no, no, the boss, the man, I am a man who delivers letters, is called mailman, man or pasta steak [Applause], ja no no his name fights you are turning into a grid tell us more about this Nicolas who is sticking posters to a man who slips his head when he sees a food, although what a widow does is fixed his leather is in the house opposite there are four widows to obsess videos one makes the video and the French my dog ​​you you mean Windows oh sorry, Manny's Robin has good well your alternate shifts please yes continue.

    3) the story Oh China we are inventing a story:  I understand history story ah I know a very good story about Aladeen and his wonderful limp this is another story about Nicolas ah Merry Christmas song, funny colors come every year uh hello yes, this is another Nicolas no Satan can descend he is on a ladder there yes yes when he sees through a window a theft now uses and our imagination and tell us about what happens next, send an ambulance, why would you send an ambulance, it falls off leather, good imagination, no, yes, yes, yes, let's see what you can do with the h Istoria del robrón, here is the ambulance, but he thinks it's a policeman, so he goes out the window by the fire escape to the roofs very well, but keep going, there's no way to heat, he can't go up,

     4) the only way where you can go to is on the other side:  it is very large, so be prepared. run, jump and miss that it's going to be a very short story, oh no, now it's my turn, don't kill yourself because you jump into a big truck full of how you say the cut glass hey you're not listening very well, you are not understanding it very well, the cut grass is called Hey, oh, no, hello, oh, hey, it's saving your life, well done, Daniel, Giovanni, now it's your turn, the cops are panicking for barrel and then go to a church, so go and knock on the door, please, he hears the knocking sound, so eat it together and open the door to the thief who says father I mean the great trouble so the priests they say come to church my son and I give them sanctuary ok says a thief and very ingenious sanctuary why to bring magic meanwhile the man who is falling off his stairs is telling the police that he is not a secret agent of the man of the poster label and that the thief is being a Russian spy or, well, I say, who has a very vivid imagination! Taro.

     5) I saw the Russian spy Naoko crystal in Hado and do not change your clothes or to escape, oh:  the plot is complicated Jamila, but the priest recovers and crawls to be called at the doorbell, Judge Bell, a Russian spy and trying to shoot him while the Priestess falls, he is full of bail. hello hello it is very strange to hear bells when the march time is not loaded, so he goes to the church and finds the Russian spy raising the bell tower with his hands raised, you are cut off, you make the Russian rat go well, surely, no I suppose there is everything you can add to everything there, oh yes, I can be very diverted. The Russian karate master dominates the British agent. done to all of you.

    @The Russian Story Funny English class.

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