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    The teacher beats the students, pretending to be a college professor and picking up girls!

    If your name is Oh, I'm Jacqueline, yeah, I'm fucking new, although it's actually cool, because since I'm not an official teacher, I could still crush the students, so yeah, hi, what's going on today?? I am at the University of Guelph and I am the best professor if you ever need drugs, so I will give you my number. I like it, I teach, but I also know no, it's not okay, boys. Do not worry. What's your name? I don't care, okay, this is my library, so what time do I have to pick you up later, give me your phone, we'll do it, fast guys, Peggy likes to move all of this, yeah, I'm teaching a class here at about five minutes. Oh, darling, everything is fine. Can you give me some instructions? I am new here.

    Teacher beats the students

    who really don't know what I'm going thro. Oh, your first year, what's your name? Nice to meet you. your student is fine, yes, yes, why did you try to go? There's a three-story library or something, you see? Here's a good place for coffee in addition to Starbucks. I'm not basic, do you want to have a coffee there sometime? Here give me your phone number and we will configure something well, what is your name? Sorry, great Jack or Mr. Jack I'm a teacher I'm a new faculty member excuse me I'm lost I don't know where I'm going Are you trying to get into your contacts on your phone? ?? Oh sorry, you know why are you moving around campus like we're everywhere? Everything is fine. I am new here. I just started teaching and I'm lost.

     I'm trying to find something like the Student Resource Center or something. You're new. In three years, oh, well, what will I program you for. I am the owner. Oh science, shit. I made a little comment about it, yes, I am teaching trading right now, just like the first year is a bit of a jerk, to be honest, yes. I'm a TA, what's your name, Jack? Nice to meet you, you are very cute. In fact, we should go for coffee sometime. Oh, it's fine. I break the rules all the time. I am a teacher here. I will give you my number. Okay, actually, are you going to give me your info on the only additional protein bars, or am I quite hungry, okay, can I eat something you don't eat before I train well? [Applause] Yes, just like fine, here is fine, yes, yes, it's fine here, I need help, thank you, yes, no problem, boys, have you been on the roof here, no, yes, I have a code? who can scan any building, yes we can relax on the roof? Well, see you later Brittany, hey, don't be late later, you're in one of my classes, no, not today, I mean Monday, wow, this is awkward, it doesn't matter, strange you confuse. Someone else you know Asians anyway, yeah, we'll connect sometime, I'll take you to the roof.

    I have an access card to each building, so enjoy your protein bar. Have a great day. The boys' class has already started, come on, come on. What are you doing? Go, Jesus, wait. Oh what the hell, where did I put that? Oh, that's not good. Great, what's going on. You're doing tasks? What's that about math? Are you doing homework here? What's your name Jack? you are a new student here thirty, I just started teaching here is my first week yes my first class is Swee'Pea math yes I have some documents there not my planner though no I must say we should plant something. It seems like you're really caught up in that, maybe we can go get coffee sometime, yeah. well if I can make the time it could be that good right now.

    I am a math textbook because you solve all my problems. Oh, [music], so how is comm100 61 something like the professional entrepreneur I've been here with for two days? so I'm still new to campus I just graduated from a mac I went back and got my master's degree and basically, I have six weeks as a TA and then I will bid for a full-time position in the next few months yeah you any way he'll let you get back to your stuff, we'll go do some teacher stuff later, okay, see you later, okay, are you a teacher? Oh look oh friend I'm sorry I asked you a question where is it It's the best place to smoke a joint around here, but I'm not in trouble, I started teaching and it really showed up, it's like not smoking on campus, so yeah, that's what I'm looking for, buddy. Oh, you want me to have something in my briefcase.

     I have all the products here, yes man, I take my medications and do what I want, excuse me. What's your name? Oh, I'm Jack. Nice to meet you. I am a new teacher here. I think you are really pretty. You want to go on a date sometime. Oh, you have a partner. Are you a lesbian? Oh yes, where do I smoke? a joint I was trying to light before teaching my class at 3:00 ok, no problem and don't worry buddy, have a nice day thanks

    The teacher beats the students, pretending to be a college professor and picking up girls!

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