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    all soccer players interview funny moments

    all soccer players interview funny moments

    a nice achievement to look at the balance of the game. I am sure you could have won that game tonight, thank you very much and thank Almighty God. I always want to win one of these and I got it, so thanks so much. A lot for 440s for giving me this and I thank my face also my wife and my girlfriend I want to say, my wife, yes, I am sorry to say that I am very sorry, my little wife I love you very much and I love you so much from my heart keep supporting me and thank you for coming to the Game, yes, we need those three points because unfortunately the position we are in is not good, it is not bad to go back and get a point that I think is good for us so we move on to the next game, you must feel in good shape.

    I mean you had the match against Barentsburg United that you got on the score sheet and again today at the right time, considering it's the end of the season. The only thing is that the coach gives you the opportunity to play if you have a change and to play in my show because I want to say that we are for the players and everyone wants to play, so to have a chance you must act and you must show that the coach you must do this all the time. I'm quite please fine brother sorry yes three readies please please support the humans of hill okay okay ready support the human appeal please support the human appeal of all the major players who have been selected as heroes of the myth, so what was the special myth? I'm, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I'm so overloaded with work and play, thanks, okay? Do you see that you are stealing that idea? Okay, okay, oh, okay, okay. Go to the end.

     the client because the game was the one who was really opening, we are only looking for the second option to mark the game and when I see one less company on the board, I know that whatever happens, you never shoot under the target, so I only ask for the ball what it gave me gives me my first thought was a little how good, but I just finished the book, I finish it very well, so we are very happy and very happy with our performance today, yes, of course, we are very happy that Let us know that just like ours, let's say you know that yesterday was a beacon as an incredible day because you have to play first before knowing what is happening and as much as that trapped at home with the city of the city one by one Jesse brought home against a child so we know today we can have five points Claire and I think it's a good step forward in Nikki unplugged.

     I didn't expect John to be able to translate the talk, yeah he said he's so glad you try me at A few words in English if you want how happy you are after the three goals I'm so happy English exactly good guys can speak English of course you know yeah you're playing well you're applapping sensitive is make your father is not my friend Michael is not so tell us about playing again, you are good I'm coming back no, I'm the lord. Brett: I'm trying to do my best.

    he was back at Manchester United before he was sent to midfield and in English, okay, so he's Jeremy your dad yeah, Yes of course. my stubborn father so suddenly the crowd is chanting your name, you must appreciate that that's good when the crowd chants your name, sorry apart from this the crowd sees you pose with mosquitoes yes I am happy to thank you very much Yes, defend me, thank you I am super really passionate about all the jellyfish.

     It's been a long time since I played, thanks for the coffee opportunities [laughs] and you know that Ronaldo was causing a lot of problems throughout the game, yes Christiana, how did you enjoy tonight? Yeah, it's a good game good performance a team wins it's important if you feel more and more confident with every Nautilus game your confidence looks confident anyway Gary arias trusts it's a yes you know yeah he's very confident and always He wants.

     the ball and the dribbles to the players and that make it very difficult for them and tonight they are your marker to make many good saves for me, hahaha, well, you know what you want to drink, you play well the first period, the game and the plastic. e game second half very very well I think in the second game a result that is open is not finished but I think the result in one is very good to control the drink the game playing left is right at best opportunity for Iraq brand is Damita from behind, he is DiMaggio game experience, the other player may have your experience pray very hard, but I have a better book.

    all soccer players interview funny moments.

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