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    interview with Lionel Messi funny answers

    interview with lionel Messi funny answers

    Well, I think so, obviously, the site is one of the strongest teams. At the moment, I plan to move it only in Caracas, due to experience. The truth is that today what we are best at is the truth that he trains as he plays, the game will not be saved  and honestly, he did not know him much when we arrived and the truth that he gives us in the matches,

     the competitions that have yes but why with nothing you left we think that this rhythm and my competition very great in offense but that seems to us in the simple thing I also think that today the mail we are more in the half of field more order and I think that makes us stronger defensively then it was a difficult elimination for us passed by coaches that it is never easy for the new coach each with his philosophy his life new and me in the last since I think well how here and we continue in a process of growth beyond that but it is complicated the line of taxis that more and more appears all the town of the general and it seems so complicated the same of you people happy feeling indeed.

     the king's podiums the boy was unlucky that he can't have that continuity and that confidence that a player needs to join a coming team of the athletic Madrid where he plays a different position than he had to play in Barcelona and the mix every weekend is not the same to play every weekend as to play and from time to time it is much more complicated and I think that is why Arda could never finish from sitting I think that the times he had to play I was a bit of continuity it was true that Italian football is not the same as in recent years and it is a reality I don't think it has anything to do with education  [Apla uses] but it did change.

     the Italian football a lot because the great powers like Milan and interns are the same as they were ten years ago and I think I understand them from the Italian but I think that in a little bit they are trying in some way to retake and to make those two teams above all strong at the European level again work I think that the passenger is not the first time I have had a situation like that real Madrid in a league and as they should before finally fighting for everything for the team that is because of.

     the players it has and because before it was always so good today because I think there are many great players who can choose to win the golden ball at any time I think it was us last year but today there are many more players like [Music] Neymar obviously more weight now at the moment but there are many many players who are going to fight for that reason [Music] really half was built Through the passing time, point of knowing ourselves, we have no relationship with a Christian but I do nothing simply because we do not see anything in the award star and it is the only thing where we speak at the moment that we see ourselves and we speak, everything is fine around the mind I think that today they are the ones that found the strongest and the food arrived.

    interview with Lionel Messi funny answers

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