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    Justin Bieber prank as a reporter and funny interview

    Justin Bieber prank as a reporter and funny interview

    We've discussed this a lot of times, but when I don't have a job, nobody, uh-oh, you saw  Okay, everyone has come to the TGA rules, let's do it, let's go see DOMA. ok can you do the stinky leg Do you make the stinky leg? Any difference? Fantastic that we started to cry.

     We are very upset about that. I can't believe what I did. I can't believe what I did. I can not believe it. Ellen, did you know about this, she will get the mad feeling that she wouldn't know about this, you would be really upset, oh, she will make me pay for this, I probably can't pay for that, oh no, I'm going to be fired, probably, oh boy, oh boy don't lie down curled up in a ball lie down just curl up in a ball just stay there don't touch me don't touch don't hold me okay okay [Music] okay thank you, yes yes you are my best friend thank you very much madam welcome to Bieber week welcome to Bieber week [Applause is] are you sure anyone?

     I'm not an expert, but I heard that it was good, what surprised me is that it caught my attention and I was in the bungalow next to you and when I saw it I was shocked, yes, I don't know how people He didn't see that it was there, so there is a woman, there is a young woman in the background who can be seen in bed, I really didn't say that, but if there were any three they would probably say what you mean, sorry, sorry a little and then another mark my words, so when you see photos of that type when you see yourself in salina obviously I don't mean that there is nobody here.

     Can you when you have your first love? It's like the first love that you never forget, so it must be really difficult for you. It's hard. I mean, but there are many things that remind me here. You know, II, like relationships where you see something.

    TV and you're like hiring one that we used to watch this or I remember this smell that reminds me of the moment, yes, told that barb girl or those things that you said you need to take care of yourself that's a look at that oh that's hot very hot of a very tall person took that photo and then you are there, so I can tell you about that photo, yes, who took that photo and told us about mine, but only one of us, but because one of my friends hit me and/or one of my friends hit me, who has a son and they were like you, my daughter just saw this and she came to me and it was like she just saw Justin's butt, so I felt bad about that and I just shut it down.

    Justin Bieber prank as a reporter and funny interview.

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