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    very funny uk best man speeches ashley passant

    Good afternoon hey I'm glad there are no prints in mine my office jump out I'm going to go a bit against tradition and start with the toast so everyone wants to raise their glasses so dan rest in peace for those who don't know Ventura Wingman has been depressed for a long time, about 17 years have passed and there are two people in him who feel a little nervous and apprehensive, maybe a little sick, one wants me happy. 

    I was honored when Dan asked me to be his best man. organizing the deer and everything until I realized that after the correct speech and read to the closest friends and family of the '90s on the most important day of their life, I generally found it really difficult for the past few weeks They came out a little late and the radio became even more difficult. After 10 beers and being the same thing that was written down in a newspaper last night, I was trying to protect the speech from his eyes and this is the best man's first speech and I hope that The last one has made a little trace of what it turns out. It turns out that it takes about five minutes to look at the best man, two minutes to congratulate the girlfriend and then about thirty seconds of toast.

     I wish I could stand here and give it to Dan for seven and a half minutes, but overall he's one of although he's one of the best friends he's in, Stroh means the back of more taxis when he's absolutely battered and usually, for me to spread the other disappearance in the dark, then anyone knows that I'm probably the only person in this tent part of being like the best friend of the last 17 years and one of our last nights out, I actually walked away from a homeless man who was trying to extend the exchange of my wallet with his dog and that is one of our calmest points. Seriously Dan dance boys heart solids this wedding as you can see by beautiful marquise looks and our beautiful RB looks also the dress does not come free and literally left me absolutely nothing to feel sweaty.

     I don't know because she didn't trust me she gave me three things that told me to show up the day on the right day, which I did, uh, there's always a ban, what I did, these always deal with Rings and make sure we get to church, we lost them twice in the home, I left him in the pub and left him in the truck, he is one of the most generous and honest people I know and, as I said, it is an absolute privilege to be here today.

     It didn't surprise me when I found out that Dan was going to marry Abby, who will be the first to have us all there, it's always been that easy to try to rush himself through his driving test, how did it go, but It has always been like this? that's one of the most motivated people I know, whatever it is he wants, be it a new car, a new house, going back to what our beach goes out and does, and I think that's probably one of the best transactions that he could have as a person and the first one when I realized how motivated Dan was for eight years ago ends he knows we just finished high school Dan being the boy at the time he was popular boy couple of lighter stones a few less gray hairs in the dark moment someone was handsome I personally wouldn't, but yeah he was there he was one of the cool kids at school and like all cooks, he looks poor with a photo day like If I was one of the girls, I think he was the first to be metrosexual, so we're there. We are in line does not mean that we have made different forms, so he comes a little later,

     I am there without a care in the world, the grass stains sweat from rugby at lunchtime. Dan comes with perfectly gelled hair. the last few days you know he's been dabbling in his tinted moisturizer, he looks like a young David Dickinson and there he continues to tell the story now that we've done the local cooperative the night before and we don't read the instructions with no tinted moisturizer so it's so hard to deal with of finding the photo I went to Allie that I left earlier this week knowing full well that if I had bought that photo, it would be today, but it is absolutely amazing what favors you could get when you try to embarrass your best friend on the most important day of his Life and Avenue having some connections at school since my time there in my stomach, then something they kept for the fortress for ten years went into their files, so if you want to open your envelopes, ladies and gentlemen, that's really nice. What if it's going to be great? I also said it was a fantastic day.

    The effort made by Dan and Abby should be rewarded by both the state and Markey and the participation bored them guys and would like to raise a glass it has been an immense pleasure to invite you.

    very funny UK best man speeches Ashley passant

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