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    100-year-old butcher shop responsible for Shake Shack and the most coveted steaks in New York

    If you've ever been to a steakhouse or burger restaurant in town, chances are you've seen this name on the menu.
    100-year-old butcher shop responsible for Shake Shack 
    Meat Providers Pat LaFrieda is a third-generation butcher shop originally located in Lower Manhattan, which started as a little mom. In the early 1900s, the pop store has grown into a $ 200 million Shake Shack business. You've eaten a Pat LaFrieda burger against all odds. Pat LaFrieda has become a household name and if anyone appreciates the celebrity status company this guy is here, how can it be Pat jr? Pat LaFrieda within Pat LaFrieda is Pat LaFrieda and Pat LaFrieda. My next guest is a third-generation butcher and meat owner LaFrieda here in New York City. We really brag that we met with Pat to find out how the city's most popular meat products are sourced.

     From your warehouse to your table, hello guys, I'm Spencer and I'm here with Pat LaFrieda, the man himself, and he's going to give us a behind-the-scenes tour of his factory, what do you think is going to give us a facility behind the factory? -stage of your installation to see where the best New York dates begin Pat you ready come on dad took over the business originally named for his grandfather in 1995, joined a set of unique skills that would help shape the future of the company, my father never wanted me in this family business.

     the most coveted steaks in New York 
    It was the generation that should go out and educate me and be something bigger and better. I graduated from college with a degree in finance and was a retail and sit-up broker. I really hated being a broker so I begged my father to join the family business and I really thought I could expand it and now we are about 500 times bigger than we were when I joined [Music] his father's smart investments At first the days combined with Pat's business experience meant the company survived while rising rents forced its competitors to close today as they sell 1,500 restaurants daily and have plans to triple that number over the next year, so Pat tells me about this room where they are now this is the room where we divide any cut of meat according to any specification, depending on what the restaurants have demanded of us.

    I've been seeing some pretty crazy knife skills here yes, I'm a little scared, but mostly very impressed, yes. I mean, as a butcher Willie is going to be for 20 years, so I think he will have some of the most talented butchers in the world in this room, but the heart of the operation is his coveted dry-aging room. The most precious room in the entire building is our fruit food. We have over 3,000 criminals aging at any given time. Magic happens here. There are about three to four million dollars worth of beef on aged shelves ready to supply any restaurant. any division in play here ages up to 120 days, which Pat says leads to an incredibly tender and juicy cut of meat, it all sounded great, we had to know for sure if his bets were really above the rest and The only way to do it was to try one for us, so it's been two days since we were at the production facility in Jersey and now we're here at Benjamin's, they got all of their steaks from Pat, so let's try one and see if It really lives up to it, let it go I'm hungry [Music] you can still hear that sizzle this is a real feat and I'm really excited the first night here we go I got like Buttah Oh so cute I hardly have to chew whoa where that chef is I have to tell him I'm fine with this, so I'm here with Chef Arturo and I have to tell him it was an excellent stage. We should thank you very much.

    I have been doing it for so long. He said everything is false. I mean a fillet steak and you're looking for the best laughs right and that's what we do. Thank you very much, chef. It was an excellent meal [Music]. Well, there you have it, the guy makes a bad steak. I never feel like a famous chef. I love what I do because it's a family business the fact that I can still work with my father and watch him for a few hours every morning, that's what I love. I mean, there's no time I don't. I don't want to enter this version and we only hope that this company will last forever.

    100-year-old butcher shop responsible for Shake Shack and the most coveted steaks in New York
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