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    100th Best Scene Avengers From Best Roll

    This week, oh yeah Charles, we got ourselves a night captain, hello guys, and welcome to artistically film your number one source for all things in movies and movies and throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there have been some really funny memes. I've seen the years that have been fun to say, especially when it comes to some of the newer movies like Avengers Infinity War or Avengers End Games, so today we thought it would be fun to take a look at the MCU course and talk about some of best MCU memes of all time and maybe if this video works well guys press the like button below we will make more videos like this in the future.

    100th Best Scene Avengers  From Best Roll
    That being said, let's go ahead and jump into that, but before we fully dive in with a big thank you to our DC Thursday winner if you guys didn't know every Thursday, we asked you a specific DC-related question on our community tab in our YouTube channel, so if you want to participate, make sure you are subscribed, go to our community tab and answer the question for a chance to have your comment appear here in one of our videos. Okay, let's move on now. First, we definitely can't see the final Avengers meme.

     That definitely comes with the whole Captain America Assemble moment from the end of the Avengers game, it's a very big moment, we are here, Captain America has a lot of Avengers flying as reinforcements and it didn't take longing for the Internet to take this iconic moment and make it a meme and it's used in a bunch of different references when talking about various moves or just fun stuff and it's only used to make statements along the way. An amazing example was just under a year ago when there was all that that meant about the assault on area51 and people used the endgame format to do really smart things. Next, we definitely go back to one of the first MCU memes if we go back to the days when clickbait ads were on the internet and you would see them pretty much anywhere if you were surfing the web, some people thought it would be fun to make a parody of those clickbait articles and they use Chris Evans as Steve Rogers to account for some of those bogus doctor ads that do all of this, he's 96 years old, but it seems like 25 doctors hate more dermatologists hate them and it's cool we see it reproduces Really nasty fake clickbait articles that were generally a scam in one way or another, so we can see a really cool one from Captain America's Civil War involving Tom Holland, however, which actually comes from an interview in the Tom Holland was talking about what it was like to meet Robert Downey jr.
    for the first time and he got a little scared, here is the clip from the interview, so I was in Atlanta for my first screen test, we were told 25 minutes before that Robert was going to come and literally audition at the right time from a helicopter-like He flew downstairs and Robert came out, yeah, he came to his audition every day, but yeah, so I go into this room to audition and see Robert Downey jr. I walk up to him, shake his hand, and I'm starting to scare Grandma to make that moment even better, although it actually turned out that it wasn't even Robert Downey Jr.

    It was double stunts and he only realized it a little later, but some people decided to take that clip of him reacting to Robert Downey jr. and just implement it in Spider-Man, a welcome movie that's really fun to watch, so here's a Spiderman clip where it overlapped Tom Hollands again in Spiderman, none of this would have happened if you listened to me if you even cared that You were here, so there were also a lot of people who used Thanos lines from the end of the Avengers game to take the very well written type of dialogue for Thanos and used it in such a serious way, but for several memes along the way and There were some really cool ones that were edited in image posts that we definitely appreciate,

    there are a lot of really iconic moments that are taken from the lines that Thanos said how much it cost the most difficult elections require the greatest will and even more things that Dennis has said that They just put these great memes on the road right now from Avengers infinity war where Thanos breaks and there Thor is like knowing that moment there, what e was huge in the movie, of course, it was named in tons and people really came up with some creative things to show.

    100th Best Scene Avengers  From Best Roll
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