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    All unicorns like colorful treats! Only good unicorns like rainbows make more money, and bad ones don't! Do not believe me,

    Wow, this didn't turn out like he was supposed to hurt her. I'm so cold here. Take this blanket and some hot coffee with whipped cream. Something missing, hold on. It needs a little rainbow sweetness. Pour sugar into the zip bags.

    All unicorns like colorful treats

    Add a drop. of food coloring in each bag and mix well make a few different colors of sugar light blue yellow and pink and color so sugar with darker shades rainbow sugar is the best medicine to cure unicorn charcoal add it's color favorite mm what sweet miss Gonzalez, we need a special kind of treat, a big unicorn burger with a rainbow filling and good vibes, and for my gritty friend, something yummy, slice the white onion and yellow tomato into the rings, add bright food coloring to Manet and add a drop of food coloring to the sesame seeds mix by hand and toast the seeds for 10-15 minutes at 140 degrees, spread colorful mayonnaise on the bottom bun, place the tomato, a colored chicken cutlet, a slice of cheese, lettuce, onion, cheese, and mayonnaise Top with the bun, cover the top with sesame oil and sprinkle the colorful sesame seeds on top, a delicious hamburger for our rainbow unicorn is ready and here you have a delicious sand cookie, enjoy my dear ones, how about this is so? Unfair Sandy wants a hamburger to hold onto Miss Gonzales will fix the situation. Come on hurry up.
     I want my own hamburger now. AB salt and pepper two ground beef put in purple coloring mix well fry the burger place the black and red tomato Onion rings, take a few slices of dark purple cheese lettuce and colored mayonnaise, cut a black hamburger bun, cover half bottom with the colored mayonnaise, place the lettuce leaves first and the top patty cover with mayonnaise, put the tomato cheese and onion rings on top add Mayo and cover with the top of the bun cover the bun with oil olive and sprinkle colored sesame seeds on top here is a grim burger for our grim guests Bon Appetit my fluffy friends mmm it smells great it's delicious don't even look at my dark burger rainbow buddy do you have your own do you how about a dessert? Look at these beautiful donuts on the horn of a unicorn waffle,

    my donut is pink like unicorns, the happiest thoughts for marshmallows in a waffle and bowling cone pour the melted pink frosting, put a donut on the frosting, let it put in the refrigerator, decorate the horn with meringue and pink sugar cover the donut with frosting and decorate with sparks refrigerate, put a tip made of red tin plays the horn, oh, look at this, they all have their own color and I have a chocolate donut in a chocolate horn, pour Eminem's in a dark waffle cone, add marshmallows, pour melted chocolate over everything, place a chocolate donut in a freezer for five to ten minutes after the chocolate cools all over a melted chocolate donut, decorate with sparks and freeze for an hour, put a tip of shiny aluminum foil on the horn, let me try your goth donut no way and let's not try to use our mouth do of flavor in donuts of three mmm and unicorns are a perfect match, wow, there is a surprise here,

     the horn is full of sweets, check yours too, oh my gosh there is a treasure of yummy marshmallows and no 'no forget to decorate your friend, the rainbow unicorn always has a lot of ideas, we are going to do the strawberry challenge, cut the strawberries into a heart shape, insert sticks into the berries, melt the white chocolate icing, dip the strawberries in it, add sparks on top and put some pink food coloring in the frosting dip a strawberry in it and add sparks now color the blue frosting dip the strawberry decorate with beets and edible hearts pour small and large sparks in a cup, put some rings on the side top and insert the strawberry hearts we have strawberries for Sandy, in total her favorite colors put strawberry hearts cut into dark plastic sticks melt dark chocolate and blue and purple chocolate icing sum Ergen the strawberries in.

     the frosting and the chocolate add sparks on top here are the rules you need to identify your favorite strawberry color by smell, let's test the power of our unicorn noses, no, that's not my strawberry, It smells too much of a rainbow, but it smells like a thunderstorm, which means it's definitely my berry, I'll eat the stormy and top it off with the rainbow unicorn, sorry, you won't be able to taste the berry, the heart ate every one,

    All unicorns like colorful treats! Only good unicorns like rainbows make more money, and bad ones don't! Do not believe me,
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