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    Best of Pets Food Update List

    hello, this is dr. Karen Becker, five years ago, I published a list of thirteen types of pet food ranked among the best and the worst, the video is still one of the most popular here at Mercola Healthy Pets, as well as on YouTube.
    Best of Pets Food Update List

     There were some updates that I wanted to relate to you. I thought it was time to release a sequel or a newly revised list first of all when you decide what to feed your dog or cat, it's important to remember that your pet is a carnivore, its genetic makeup and its inner workings remain essentially the same. their wild carnivorous ancestors their dog or cat cannot move their jaws from side to side it is called lateral jaw swing and they cannot make males cats and dogs only work from top to bottom Carnivores grabbed their prey and smashed their sharp teeth intertwining and swallowing, do not chew, omnivorous mammals, like humans, have wide flat molars designed to chew, and vegetarian animals have many wide flat molars designed to chew excessively or chew heavily.

     Some animals like ruminants or cows actually chew their food twice, all carnivores, including dogs and cats, also have very short digestive tracts compared to vegetarian animals, and this is because wild carnivores eat food that they are heavily contaminated with pathogens that they are not eliminating. the colon or they are not eliminating any part of the body of their prey that could have bacteria loaded in their systems, so their digestive tract is designed so that food enters and leaves very quickly, they are not designed to ferment foods like vegetarians, An ancestral carnivore's diet includes a lot of variety and seasonal variability because certain prey was more available at certain times of the year than the others, so there was actually a lot of variety in the diet that thrived by consuming fresh food and whole foods, but not clean food, but it's in fact,

    the diet was moisture dense, which means a lot of water, the dam was mainly water about 70%, it was high in protein and minerals and moderate and fat in nature, you will not see obese bunnies as well that when we think about feeding a dog or cat, it is generally moderate to low fat, but high-quality fats and very low in carbohydrates, the only carbohydrates that wild cats consumed was what was naturally found in the praised gastrointestinal treats and the occasional bite of grasses for the addition of fiber and enzymes, wild dogs and wolves that are collecting carnivores do not meet the perfectionist feeding standards of the cats that catch, kill and consume whole prey, but also consume carrion that is dead animals and would never catch a cat that comes close to anything, dead dogs will also eat poop, berries, and other plant matter; in fact, research shows that up to 30% of wolves' stomach content contains plant matter.

    Commercial pet food is a relatively recent concept. And it's only been around for a hundred years and since then the major pet food companies have produced most of their products using food-recognized corn, wheat or rice base. The industry turned to dry, grain-free food, which absolutely revived the cable industry only this time with inappropriate levels of high glycemic index starch like potatoes and pea flower. More modern carbohydrate sources are also being introduced now. For the pet food industry, such as lentils and chickpeas, in addition to increasing carbohydrate content beyond species, appropriate legumes contain lectins, which are molecules that can create gastrointestinal inflammation and irritation, fortunately for owners of Pets, cats and dogs are among the toughest animals in the world.

    the planet can eat food that was never designed to eat without dying, degeneration occurs in these animals as a result of inadequate nutrition, but sudden death does not occur, this is how we have been able to deceive ourselves into believing that it can be me in food for Pets are good for cats and dogs because they do not die of malnutrition immediately. In my opinion, however, we have created dozens of generations of nutritionally weakened animals suffering from degenerative diseases linked to nutritional deficiencies. The bottom line is that for 99.9 percent of the time on earth, cats and dogs have absolutely consumed their natural diet, which is an ancestral diet of fresh food 4.1 percent of the time that animals have co.

    Best of Pets Food Update List
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