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    Carbon mask has been wrong officer.

    whoo ok well you know what I forgot about the appeal I was going to bring here if it were so my assistant is going to grab the shell just to show you which one I used it actually featured in a Facebook ad and then I like it After thinking about it for three or four weeks, I decided to buy it, it came in a rather gloomy box, which means it didn't seem like they were putting much money into the production of the box, so it's a little nervous and the label on the back is kinky, so this is a good or bad thing that so many were selling that they couldn't get it on time or it's just a really bad company, so we'll see you put it on and let it perform for 20 to 30 minutes, however, if you do you get thicker, it will take a lot longer, so it sounded ridiculous, it will take longer.

    A carbon mask has been the wrong officer.
     I can't really speak very well, it's very difficult to move your mouth. That is, I imagine this is what it feels like to get Botox or something. m all the videos, oh, and you can also share the video if you want. I made it public so they can show their friends and they know how they laugh at it. Carrie did this a few minutes ago. you shouldn't want to share the surprise surprise video why don't you want to share your life with our friends I just put it on my nose so not at school many schools the whole face was still great so she put her nose on and yes I'm going to talk about your results or I'm going to come back here no, no, it's not okay, I don't think so, it's okay, it's okay, so you have it, so she used this same product, which again I'm going to show her not really liked the results, so we'll see what happens um.

    In fact, I'm pretty scared of accomplishing this and I'm trying to stop it as much as I can because it really hurts, so I guess I'll go ahead and get this going, honestly, I really can't, can we? We'll just wash this, no, are you sure? No, you know you're not sure, is it bad that I want to? to go like a Hulk smash and see if I can rip some of that off ah, you can't be okay that's just I'm starting to feel good oh my gosh I'm not exaggerating it really hurts Oh Shelley Vincent says I can wash it. I believe you. OMG, I'm not kidding Oh Marci, where were you a minute ago? Mercy, oh God, it is worse because there is holy saint, oh, oh my God, I regret this so much, yes, land of Honus elsewhere, oh, do not take it off as a band-help yes it is well holy it is well it is alright I'm going to start ripping it no no no no no it's not fun I told you not to get it mm-hmm anytime Christine anytime oh my god that was tough apparently I have a lot of hair down there on my chin oh Shelley it's really against this okay, um it sounds okay, okay, no, I know something's breaking, oh god we're going through the chin, look down the chin, here, done, holy shit.

     I really regret this room, go ahead, give it a go, no, no, yes, go ahead, please give it a shit. and this is stupid, oh my gosh we were getting all the hairs on some hair or fur. I'm not sure yet. For those of you who are joining this, it is what we are using. Maybe they'll think twice. so rough it's fine, come back here and pull it up, it's ok, pull it up oh god there's more hair on the right side mmm holy shit I love your hair thanks I cut it huh shake your locks in Saginaw where's the ass Jeannie's here? Sorry, I need to spell for a minute someone tells me something good that they did today. Jesus without weapons ruff is so hard, oh God, I'm skipping all that part, can I wash it? Uh oh, it's hard, it's hard here the sides come out, you're not, I know what you're going to do, oh, here we go, here we go, I'm going to give a big rip, look at my sister, she's dying, oh, haze, she is not an easy girl, not Nicole, she seems easier but indirect, she should not see the note from bottom to bottom, so it was that the Sun let me see them, boys, no, okay? Did I let you do this, Christine? She is so funny, fine.

     I'm going to give you a good grip. Shit. Wear this. Oh, what is this smell? Oh, I can feel the hairs here. This is not going to be good people. This ain't gonna be good here we go alright you gotta do it I can't hate you I want you to know oh holy shit that shoots a wall alright so just a little update face feels great here where everything felt good um it feels bear-like hey I don't have any hair or anything down here it feels good and opens whoa listen Rachel I'm a little bit of a coward so don't stop by me um I really don't want to nose but I'm not going to lie about that the Damn my mother's pain looks like a melted plastic garbage bag on your face, yeah it does yeah look at mommy my oh I'm cleaning my face you're peeling it uh-oh oh shit oh oh.

    Carbon mask has been the wrong officer.
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