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    Dr. Mercola talks about cancer in pets with Dr. Becker and Rodney Habib

    Your animal will not die if you do not feed it for a few hours or even for a day, the opposite is even more important, not only will it not die if it fails if you do not implement a fasting protocol, prematurely shortening its life guaranteed that there is no doubt that They were designed to fast and if you deny it because you think they are hungry somehow, you will kill them prematurely.

    cancer in pets 
     Mercola and we are delighted today to have the opportunity to interview dr. Karen Becker, who is, of course, in charge of our pet view, I think she is still the most viewed pet view in the world, which is quite amazing and has some great missions put together a large part of her 2017 and really for providing some amazing information to unveil some really devastating pet issues, so welcome and thanks for joining us Karen, thanks and also asked Rodney Habib to join us and part of the reason he wanted Rodney to be really nice. the underlying reason why we decided to work on the documentary for the series on dog cancer, why we even decided to make a documentary on dog cancer in the first place, so it was Rodney who really asked me to join him in this amazing effort, so thanks Rodney for joining us to thanks for inviting me and dr. Mercola, big fans of you of course yes, and for those of you who don't know, Rodney has the largest Facebook pet site in the world, so it's a good match, so Rodney, why did you decide to make it happen? this documentary? My first dog and the love of my life, Sammy, I will never forget that day, about four years ago, when she and I were playing and I remember that I ran my hands over my sides and felt that lump that you know that every pet owner finds and says dear sir, just let it be a fatty lump on March 24, 2014, everything I expected and prayed really didn't work, as my dog ​​was diagnosed with cancer, a spindle cell sarcoma on the side of his body.

     everything I thought was literally in the book, all the food she ate was hand-cut organic by me, all the meat and everything she ate was ethically raised grass-fed and no matter what I did I couldn't stop the Cancer. the tumor that was next to her wing and that was not until I came across this sanctuary that literally changed my entire life, it's great here, a pet is the one that fell about three years ago, so we have a ranch of 53 acres in Texas, we realize that the dogs with cancer that we in shelters or rescues would be euthanized because they could not have taken out the dogs Vetri cares about too much, so the main function of the Aikido pet is quite simple,

     we are here to advocate for dogs for which there really is no good defense, and what I mean by that is that everyone has a pretty good understanding that when a dog and a shelter are in danger if that dog has a lump visible, for example, a tumor, so they are on a very short list for dogs that really have cancer that changes the relationship because what we are saying at that moment is that you do not get off the dog, let us intervene, take care of the dog and invest We paddle that animal to bring it to the highest level of medical care that we can use traditional therapies and nutritional intervention as well, so that's really the starting point for the Kita pet and I'm going to talk there dr. Mercola, one of the II, has the same reasons for wanting to join Rodney's mission and film this documentary as he did in which I see parents of pets like him who have done everything right.

     I have seen Rodney prepare his dog's food, he takes an hour using 14 sources of ethically raised meats, adds herbs, adds a tumor and gorgonic tumor, adds and everything fresh, all organic, everything amazing that he has minimally vaccinated, has a chemical-free home like the thousands of my other clients who are doing everything right when you get it, when you think you're doing everything right and get diagnosed with cancer, that changes you and makes your self-confidence reach the core and you end up in a state of fear and you end up in a state of panic because you do not know what to do in my situation, since the doctor in charge is really difficult for me to resort to our conventional standard care options, which are to cut it, burn it like poison and let's say well, us, this diagnosis was shaken in our two worlds, what are we going to do to aggressively tackle cancer without toxifying our patient and, as you know, there are no great options, so at least the s conventions, correct conventional options and dr. Mercola I think you have also experienced this even in the integrative field with.

    Dr. Mercola talks about cancer in pets with Dr. Becker and Rodney Habib
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