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    Eating 8 strange Thai street foods at a food market in Thailand

    hi I'm Darren and this is Amanda and today we have come to one of our local markets to try some weird street foodstuff that you have never seen us eat before we go see what we can find many of You guys asked me if I like everything I find in Thailand or the simple answer is no, not only do I try to avoid things I don't like today I'm going to fight that instinct and try a lot of different food,

    Thai street foods at a food market in Thailand

     the first thing here is something that everyone loves chicken feed, so I come all these 15 baht yay, we're in luck in five of those 15 baths - the cap just gently pointed out that this lady also has chicken heads here okay, we would just have to grab one of these, so I never ate, this can go up to par 15, but for a chicken head bargain, Nando found the ice cream, it doesn't take long for a Magnum that I could kill that car in my bag of chunks chicken here feet and head definitely say I'm eager for the feet the head horn loves these are very popular in Thailand I used to work with chickens and I've seen why they come in so I didn't really eat them but I'm going to try and for this video  Roberto doesn't taste bad, it really tastes like chicken skin in general.

    I just don't like the idea of ​​eating chicken feet, they are very popular in Thailand and Owen loves them, yes chicken foot for you three fingers in a bite you're going to eat the bone the fourth pressure better the foot better you said doing a short job like that so that the chicken feet aren't bad, it's not really my thing, good taste, and then this guy you saw the chicken give him a big piece of the chicken neck. I think you should try first, yes, we have our son throwing a tantrum, what about the head? Yes, and you're going to try to give yourself a little bite.

    Why don't you like fish eyes? half a goose fuck I'm sure, not sure which parts of the head not to eat is a bit of the crown in there I guess I don't know a bit where the flavors aren't bad smells a little like wet chuck it's not the best smell it's a little skin, they really taste like chicken skin a little bit of this neck that on the left I'm not going to go for that praetor of the head can make the neck taste pretty good not a lot of meat it's really just skin and bones crispy, well, have you ever been in your family? for a snack, yeah, okay, yeah again, it's not really my thing, so I'll leave those four in the ego, and this one again, no, you're right, let's go find something else well, we're on a chicken theme, I think I'll try some of this, I'm not sure what exactly it is in English, people usually call it chicken inside.

    I think it is the liver of the heart, all that is inside the chickens and I will take one. of those now tum cup from above ok so 20 baht for that which also eat here seems pretty appetizing yeah i got the chicken by the heart go heart first so i taste pretty good i am kinda tough but really nice, so the liver there are two sides of the liver there, personally it lies, I deliver, I really like this a little bit and there are some unknown chunks, maybe some gizzards and other things, or it could really be the harvest, I think I try that really good Seeing QE tastes a little like liver, quite tasty and there is another chicken store around here that I want to see, so let's move on to this, a store here has all kinds of chicken meats, as well as sticks, they have a liver heart, they can also being sweetbreads, and these chunks that I've never tried is pretty sure it's a great chicken drumstick under test, they usually have chicken butts as well, but I've sold them and he says holy: tap the faucet on the ten cup bar for that mom So, as the present says it's not really bad, it's sweet, smoky, it's a little bit more tender than the selection tests. I'm not that chewy or chewy, it's not bad.

    I don't know I'll buy it again, but it's definitely edible for you to eat before, yes, I know you've eaten from the peak, but even chicken too, yes, you like it, yes, intestine, yes, you're like I had 10 men, I'll take it. There is not too much sauce, too strong sauce, yes, once more than a cup, some offer you, yes, I think I will let you finish that because it is your lucky day, but your wish is that you were here to share this with us, and Amanda is going to try, the store seems to have just what we need, yes. I think it has my name, as well as that top cap, the pen cap, is fine. I have a pig ear there and also a great little sixty pig liver bars for those bits let's see how they taste I have my pig bits here they come with a couple of sauces there.

    Eating 8 strange Thai street foods at a food market in Thailand
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