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    Japanese Kobe Meat Factory! The most expensive meat in the world!

    This series from Japan is possible with the support of buying food, calming the beef that we are about to eat today, it is the same beef that we saw on the farm there, it will light it, which today continues our tour of Japanese food.

    Japanese Kobe Meat Factory! The most expensive meat in the world!
    I'm moving from Shizuoka to the legendary city of Cobain, welcome back to our Japan series, my name is sunny and I'm Shizuka and we're in Kobe today, what if it's that kind of show that makes you want to puke? Japan has the highest coveted beef value in the world and Kobe is Japan's beef camp and first of all the city is obsessed with beef when you walk through the main station and there are more restaurants in meat I've seen anywhere, it's not uncommon to see cattle selling at auction for 10 to $ 15,000 ahead. I am so curious about Kobe.

     I know there are quality and genetics, but how do you justify that price in this Article? We're getting a rare behind-the-scenes look that few outsiders have gone to before traveling. a Kobe beef farm a day joining a live auction that reveals the secrets behind how Japan has designed the best beef in the world short don't relax thanks welcome to the live presentation of beef res Kobe, a place that lives up to its name with veteran chef teppanyaki and owner Mr. kita tapa hero at the helm tempeh gnocchi is a flat Japanese cuisine in front of your eyes with your own personal chef, start by preparing some vegetables Wow, an appetizer, so it's amazing, it's like it's a dinner and a show at the same time first Before things really start to heat up, he's serving up an appetizer a combination of Kobe beef tongue mint orange horseradish and green and purple onion Oh today we're going to experience the best meat in the world Cobain Wagyu such a big steak It costs around $ 250 as your restaurant owner just buys a beep that comes from local breeders and before we dive into that piece of marble heaven we'll see exactly how he got here in the first place, thanks for inviting us today to meet Mr His farm grandson has been passed down from generation to generation for the past 80 years, today he will confirm or dispel rumors that Japanese farmers massage cows with music. classic or they give them beer in an effort to produce high-quality beef 'we're here because we want to know the secrets about Japanese beef, especially Kobe here in Kobe, it's generally a secret, but only for you will tell you today.
    The most expensive meat in the world

    I will not tell anyone. Japan has four famous domestic breeds of cattle, this is one of them, the black Tajima that is exclusively found in the golden prefecture of the hill where the base city of coal is located, this cow has a name that calls it cutting everything. which means black, but it's generally easier to be more specific by the number eight eight four four three.
    It has been nice meeting you farmers like me. Toshi has no idea what his beef cattle rating will be or how much money they will bring until auctioned, so before that, they try to ensure optimal life and growth. conditions for every animal that means fresh mountain air, a reasonable amount of living space, at least compared to American factory farms, and high-quality feed, the main thing it gives cows is essentially hay and the water it gets the best of the world. Quality hay from Australia, Canada, USA, and that's what feeds these cows, not just hay, but three times a day it gives them a mix of leftover corn and other vegetables and forages in the US. Up to 75 percent of the cattle diet in the US is made up of corn much more than in Kobane if someone were to buy a cow, how much would that cost a cow would cost around a million? How do you justify that the price of this breed is actually decreasing in number? therefore, there is a higher demand, but there are not as many cows, only around 3,000 cows qualify as quality khob each year despite the intense demand for Kobe meat worldwide, farmers like NATO still emphasize in quality over quantity, they have water, some times it is water but in reality, it is an acceptable disinfection liquid, so it is to keep them clean, the frequency with which they bathe depends on the day, but approximately once every 5 minutes, oh, I'm curious because there's all this mythical lowdown on Kobe meat, so what's real and what's bullshit is bullshit right there, so farmers really massage cattle, the massage rumor probably be fake maybe if a tv company came maybe they would, could you pretend you massage em for our video ok then.

    Japanese Kobe Meat Factory! The most expensive meat in the world!
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