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    Today when I turned 13, my mother bought a gift from Amazon for a special gift.

    I love interacting with everyone and it's a lot of fun. Today's video will be a birthday for Brooke.

    Today when I turned 13, my mother bought a gift from Amazon for a special gift.

    She will be 13 years old, she will be 13 years old on November 1 and she will have a party this weekend with all her friends at the bowling alley, so I think it will be a lot of fun, it is like a really special birthday, it is a very difficult age, I think because you are too young to be old and too old to be young, you know that you are not young but you are not a baby, you are no longer a big child, so it is really difficult and I feel that this is a special birthday that we could spoil it, you know they don't get much during the year, you know they get their clothes like TJ Maxx and Marshalls and you know we just saved up and we really want to make their birthday special this year and make it a fun birthday party so all I got It could really be for a boy or a girl who is in that strange stage where he is like a tomboy and sporty, but he wants to be feminine, so whatever it is we could definitely be for a boy or a girl, so it was very emo Great for me, the task was highly recommended. Recommendations hope you can get some ideas if you have a 13-year-old boy, be it a boy or a girl your age, even 12 years old, whatever these really cool ideas and I am very excited to have been able to get many of these things, so if you're interested in seeing what his father and I have, keep looking good.

    one of these things is from Amazon: two are from Dick's Sporting Goods and one is from children's trips, but yes, the rest is from Amazon, it is a lifesaver, Amazon Prime things arrive here in two days a day sometimes and I don't even have to go to a store that makes me very nervous in stores when I try to shop at Christmas or a birthday store, so I love having a listing analyst and taking a look at Amazon just three things I don't I could get it, so I could really getaway this year.

    bought a gift from Amazon for a special gift.

    The first one I gave her a couple of vans, we gave her three and a half and she wanted the classic slip in black or white so I got her blacks on three and the whites were half but I was a little nervous because I couldn't keep myself clean, so I opted for the black pair, they are very cute, they will go with anything and, once again, I think this could be for a boy or a girl, so I thought they were very cute and almost positive. n $ 35 I think they were like they were not less than $ 40 Excuse me, I think they were $ 36 but they are super cute I will definitely try to link a couple of these under this exact pair, we get ours of the only we get kids trips in the mall, but I am sure there are online trips and I know you can get many great travel coupons, but I am pretty sure you can get them in any kind of shoe store like nowadays, I know these are very popular and lasted for a long time.

     Ally well done and the pair she had, she had a pair of pairs that liked the photos and only one pair of top and she even wore a pair that she had two years ago that were just burgundy colored blouses, so these don't know if she wears a little and you can use them to go to the gym. I'm pretty sure I'm not sure she has the slippers on, but her tie banshee is allowed to use her gym so I was really excited to buy her and I think she will love them and they're just your classic you know as a surfer or skater black and white bands in white or black but we got her black and these were again three and a half and I'm pretty sure they were under $ 40 so I was really excited to get this for her.

    The next thing I got for her was that she recently joined this thing called Pink Panther's at school, it's like a group of girls who eat well and feel good. - They meet two days a week in the afternoons after school and I think they have something else for the boys, but they meet and teach the girls how to eat a balanced diet, they drink a lot of physical exercises and then these girls teach them they do all kinds of really fantastic exercise and it's like a super positive and super confident body reinforcement and it's just the sixth, seventh and eighth-grade girls and they meet twice a week with this really nice teacher and she prepares him like a girl ready and they do all kinds of cool activities and I thought it would be great to give her one of them called the fitness trackers, sorry she asked for an apple watch and I teased and laughed at her so this is called star L 8 I 'I'm not sure how to pronounce it, but it only cost $ 26, it's a.

    Today when I turned 13, my mother bought a gift from Amazon for a special gift.
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