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    Wagyu Beef in Japan is the juiciest and most delicious steak you can eat, but how? What is the secret? How does Japan rate each wagyu? What is the standard for A5 beef? How do cattle live?

    The history of Japanese Wagyu meat: from farm to table JAPAN ONLY Traveling to Japan for food is nothing new, each region of Japan has its own unique cuisine and when it comes to beef, Wagyu from Japan is worth the trip. The Hitachi Beef brand in Ibaraki Prefecture is one of the closest to Tokyo.
     Beef in Japan is the juiciest and most delicious steak you can eat
    So Dean and I ventured north into the country to learn about Wagyu. from the farm to the processing plant and the restaurant. Welcome to Ibaraki prefecture, behind me is Hitachino restaurant here, at the base of mount Tsukuba, a beautiful area. With a fantastic sunset, all the way to Mount Fuji, I am so excited. This restaurant is famous for Hitachi gyu or Hitachi beef, the beef of Ibaraki prefecture. But what makes this experience special is that we will have the opportunity to try several different Wagyu cuts. So I hope you are hungry.

    We are about to eat a lot! The Hitachino Steakhouse looks like a cabin inside thick wooden tables, leather chairs, and charcoal grills. In the kitchen, A5 Kuroge Wagyu meat blocks are ready to cut. Here's a whole loin block, this cut called Hi-re in Japanese. The intense grain is a symbol of premium Japanese Wagyu. For dinner tonight, we will try three cuts But before eating. Let's take a look at our trip to the farm and the processing plant to see how the fillet was obtained in front of us. This is the Hashimotosan farm and ranch for Kuroge Wagyu.

    It is a quiet place with fresh air and good water. Yes, it seems that they have a lot of space and they seem to be in very good condition. And I think that's part of it. You have to treat these cows extremely well. I suppose you must feed them very well so that they become the most delicious meat they can be. It's time to face our food, something we must do to appreciate it more. Living well and without stress is one of the secrets of Japan's Kuroge Wagyu beef. Respect the animal until it is time to become food, which is its purpose. For many, it would be difficult to face your food. But unless you do, it is very difficult to appreciate where they were treated from and to understand exactly what you are eating.

     This is important to me as a carnivore. At Ibaraki, they take great pride in the way they raise their Hitachi Wagyu meat. I even got a slimy kiss before I left! It is important that you see what the conditions of the animals are like. And the conditions of the Wagyu and everyone looks very happy! Maybe you don't know at the end. But today they are very happy. This is Hashimotosan Wholesale Hitachi Wagyu Meat Shop. I just wanted to get an idea, are they the cheapest prices here and are they crazy! Then we get here. I just ordered half a cut of sirloin. It's ¥ 1745. For a hundred grams, then it's about three thousand yen. Which is incredibly cheap! And then down here I ordered a couple of A5 Hitachi Wagyu burgers and these cost around $ 3 for a burger.

    So I guess it will be one of the best burgers I've ever had, but buying here in bulk saves you a lot of money. Beef volume was 30% higher or price seemed to be 30% lower for beautifully marbled A5 Wagyu beef. WARNING: We were invited inside the processing plant. The images can be annoying for some viewers. It lasts for about two minutes and shows how A5 Wagyu meat is classified. Please keep in mind. We are just in the meat cooler. They have cut it in half and you can see that it is not exactly the most beautiful place. It is a little bit morbid, but the reason I bring you here is that you can see how they decide to grade the cattle between A4 and A5, what is the difference and then all this will become Hitachi guy.

    That's a special designation only for the best of the best! The beef here won't be officially graded for a couple of days, but using a flashlight we can clearly see the marbling. The JMGA has a beef grading standard that begins at a processing plant. The performance is classified from A to C and the BMS or meat marbling standard in 5 groups of 12 levels. This is based on marbled meat color fat texture color and quality. Japanese Wagyu's highest range is A5, which means a performance of over 72% and a BMS score between 8 and 12. Basically, you can see from this. Although they will not know until Thursday when they cut it and look very closely inside. But from what you see, you can see that the veining is so intense. This would probably be marked as a Wagyu A5. Hitachi Gyu, Hitachi beef and to get that designation as Hitachi gyu You must be A4 or A5 and it looks like it will be an A5. You know, I think our father's parents were pretty used to,.

    Wagyu Beef in Japan is the juiciest and most delicious steak you can eat, but how? What is the secret? How does Japan rate each wagyu? What is the standard for A5 beef? How do cattle live

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